Friday, September 01, 2006

It's a what?

Meet my new crochet basket. Not a basket you say? True. However, who could turn down such a sturdy set of cubbies that are the exact depth of a skein of Red Heart when the cost is just $5.00? This gem was found at the local Salvation Army where I was actually looking for a suitable basket along with any yarn they might have.
What luck to spot this sitting, upside down, just to the right of the exit. It is even signed on top by the artists who decorated the third shelf with lovely marker scribbles! (Hence, why it was displayed UPSIDE DOWN!)
I was shopping because it became painfully clear I needed something in which to store my WIPs as they are taking over my coffee and kitchen tables. Any time I need to switch projects in my bag, the present projects end up on one of these two tables. I'm not even sure what is in the works anymore! Thank you Marie, Kim, and whomever else enjoyed these shelves. Sorry to have removed your beautiful butterfly stickers but they just didn't match the decor in my living room. Here's to another crochet overflow problem solved!


Anonymous said...

I live my life waiting for the next brush of serendipity. Isn't it great? Thrift shops are grand places to find treasure like that.

I have a friend who actually came across her child hood toy box while walking down the street of the neighborhood she lives in now. Still had the same stickers and her same scribbles and everything. I love it when perfect things show up :D

Lapdog Creations said...

I agree with Ericka - aren't thrift shops grand?

As a side note, if you do need a "basket," check out Christmas Tree Shops in Salem. I got a neat pink weave basket made out of plastic there a couple weeks ago - works great for tossing small WIPs in!