Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween Fun!

Halloween Hangman created by The Dimension's Edge, Inc. My high score so far is 395...

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Remember that beautiful tree whose picture I posted last Saturday. Well it is a week later and look:In an all day deluge of wind and rain, autumn has left so that winter may reign. Bye bye pretty fall foliage!

Friday, October 27, 2006


It's here! It's here! My very own special ISE scarf from the skilled hands of Erin! The post office was so impressed with the fancy box. What was it in? One of those lovely boxes you get at Christmas time with perfume and lotion in them. It was all red and gold foil with the mailing label taped on top (hence why no picture).

This is what I found inside. Two little tubes of Lavendertherapy body lotion from the healing garden and a wonderful smelling sachet all in one of my two favorite colors, purple. A lovely card with well wishes from my pal made it even sweeter. I then held my breath and unwrapped the scarf.

WOW! This picture sooooooo doesn't do the yarn justice. It softly fades from color to color starting with a bright blue that graduates into a purple that deepens to black where the white stripe shot through with purple serves as a striking surprise to show off the other colors. It then brightens in the reverse order. It is wonderfully soft and cuddly. Erin must be a magician because she found a single yarn that contained all of the colors I mentioned in my questionnaire! So far just about everyone I've shown the scarf to has tried to steal it, including one of my favorite students who just wrapped it around her neck and tried to walk away!

I spent quite a while in front of the mirror trying to figure out how best to wear it so that the color changes would be shown off. Here's the result! Erin, I cannot thank you enough for this soft, warm, cuddly and lovingly knit beauty. Here's hoping you love the scarf you receive as much as I love mine.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Traveling Around

How Clever! I saw this today in a little shop downtown. Knitting needles sticking out of a "drink cup" filled with yarn! Clever, but overpriced at $22.50 since the yarn is acrylic. There is also a version that is for making a hat - at the same price. Smaller item, requiring less yarn, same price? Those marketing types are creative and crafty (don't groan too loudly at the pun). I admire the concept though...very cool.

News from the ISE front: My pal e-mailed me saying that the scarf is going in the mail this weekend! Yipee! I am glad to know when it will hit the mail so I can, temporarily, stop checking the mailbox, main door, and my apartment door for a slip or package. There was a post today on the ISE website that I think just might be mine! Why? Well, my pal asked if I would like a "cowel type" scarf instead of a traditional one. My response? Knit what makes you happy - I'm sure I'll love it. Well, today's post featured a wimple in a color that would have been consistent with my questionnaire. I'd love to get this or just about any of the beautiful scarves I've seen posted. Patience, patience is a virtue...

Last, but certainly not least is the latest stash acquisition from a local yarn sale. Thanks, Laurin, for the heads up! Six skeins of Devotion (51% angora, 49% nylon) for $6. That isn't $6 each but $6 for ALL SIX SKEINS! It is super soft. The Darby (52% wool, 48% acrylic) was an equally good deal at five skeins for $7.50. This picture is the best I could produce and it is terrible. The yarn is a lovely heathered colorway with a green base and flecks of blue, red, yellow, and other greens running subtly through. Just wonderful!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Well the baby afghan that I was so excited about has been put on the back burner. Why? Well, I tried the pattern and it was not coming out right. I am certain it is operator error so have put it aside for a while and will make another go at it some time soon. I am NOT giving up!

Remember that swatch? Well I am now three pattern repeats into the wrap. And happily I am loving it! Thanks to my knitting group's input on the color changes it is now smoothly developing. Thanks folks!

I am impatiently awaiting the arrival of my International Scarf Exchange scarf and to hear from my pal who should receive the one I sent her Friday or Monday. I know my scarf has until November 1 to arrive, however, I am so full of anticipation it is hard to wait!

On the completely unrelated to fiber front. Can you believe Jeffrey was the winner of Project Runway? I was not impressed by his collection because I felt it lacked cohesion. The ladies did a far better job. I console myself knowing that the show has likely launched all four finalists' careers. What's my objection to Jeffrey? In his desire to win he showed that he believes himself better than the others and could lack regard for the feelings of both his fellow designers and his models. Even given the opportunity to apologize he generally would not! In short, he acted like a jerk. I'd like to think it was the pressure of the situation... Despite his professional business, I felt his collection just wasn't as strong as well. Ah, well, reality TV, what are you going to do with such an addiction? Happy stitching!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Joyful Things

Finally! A decent picture of my other kitty Peneenah. She hardly ever stands still long enough. How did I get lucky enough to snap this? Fresh air. Yup! She was busy exploring the outside on my little balcony so couldn't run around.

In other news the International Scarf Exchange Scarf is on its way across the continent and headed for another country. I figured out it was approximately 9,000 stitches and 81 rows from start to finish. Three skeins of yarn, two trips to the LYS, and one to the post office have brought my first ever exchange to a close. Now I'm waiting (semi-patiently) for the scarf that has been made for me to arrive. I'm so EXCITED!

So, what's currently on the hook? This swatch which I think will turn into a rectangular wrap. It is inspired by an afghan pattern from the book Afghans for All Seasons. It will be two shades of blue and I think it will run vertically so that the arches will either face the floor or my shoulders instead of running right to left as the original pattern calls for... much swatching ahead!

And lastly, I love autumn. This is the view Peneenah, Harold, and I were enjoying from the balcony this afternoon.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Let's see, what's up?
1) Spent part of last night frogging an experiment I tried a while back. Couldn't bring myself to give up on it right away, however, I now have a use for the yarn so...ribbit. It was a tube shaped scarf that had a slow spiraling cable and was reversible. I decided it was just going to be too heavy when all was said and done. It does merit a revisit in the was beautiful.

2) Where is that yarn going? HERE!

I searched the net and finally found this book used on Amazon. It came all the way from California. What prompted this "gotta have it" behavior? A picture of the completed "Precious in Pink" baby blanket! I saw it on a yahoo talk group and begged for the source. Whalla, the search was on. :-D

3) Now I know. I KNOW. I said I'd never make things out of granny squares. So what am I doing with this? Well, you see when given free yarn to make snuggles in a god awful 70's avocado green, one must do something to make it more attractive.

My thought? Squares with interesting texture. I must admit I've admired this book for a while and until now resisted its charms. If you are into blocks it is very well written with a wonderful square directory in the front and examples of various color combinations. Also, there are suggestions for which squares will work well together. I experimented with some left over yellow and really like the right hand block. The left is likely to be frogged as I ran out of yarn! (Hey Magpi, you were right that the 70's afghans will find a way to appear!)

4) Many of you who voted on the stitch question for my scarf wanted to know what yarn I was using. It is called "127 Print" in color 30 by filatura di crosa and is 100% wool. Lovely stuff and a dream to work with! I just know it will be super warm on those days when New England begins to resemble the Arctic.

5) Two great movies I rented this weekend: V for Vendetta and The Lake House. Loved them both and would recommend renting them.

6) And just for good measure... Harold says hello.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Poll Results

Thank you to the twenty or so people who offered an opinion on which stitch would make a better scarf. Unfortunately for me, you are also able to easily see the virtues of both stitches. The poll came out almost dead even!!! LOL I guess I'll have to fiddle around with this a bit more then dive in and make a decision. :-D

Thanks so much for your input and suggestions!