Monday, March 09, 2009

Makin' Yarn and Stuff...

I've been bitten by the bug! As my sister put it, I've got the spins!

About a month ago, I saw one of these at the LYS in the hands of another customer. Hmmmm, I thought. That has potential. Well, it was not long before I'd ordered my own and here she is loaded with a single that I've plied back on itself.Look how consistent I'm getting. This is only my third spindleful. It is so exciting each time I wind off to see what it will look like. (I promise pics of the first, second, and this third skein soon!)What else have I been up to? Well, there is this:and this

for my ISE 7 Pal. And then there are these

February Square

March Square

These are the second and third blocks for the Year in a Blanket! I think the center of the March Block may have to be reduced to make it look more in proportion, but I won't decide until I see the rest of the blocks...

So far so pretty!

Oh, I haven't forgotten the contest. Thank you to everyone who shared a story. I loved reading them all, and hope you did as well.
I put all the names in a hat and pulled a name...

Hey Britt, get in touch... There's a skein of yarn with your name on it!