Saturday, December 29, 2007

Speaking of Snow

After my talk of snow, I just had to share this. Go read the description. It's priceless!

The Boston French Toast Alert System: More details

Friday, December 28, 2007

A Nice Break

A little holiday trip to see family a bit farther south provided a nice break from the snow. Nary a snowflake in sight. No piles on the ground. Not even ice. Soooo wonderful. Of course I had to pay for my respite. I drove home to more of the white stuff falling from the sky... Ah well, that is winter in NE for you.

Everyone is well and the women had many a new knitted project to show off! Lovely shawls and scarves that I had missed being made. Let it be cold and thoughts immediately turn to yarn for warmth it seems. Every time I turned around, my mother was sporting another scarf she had made that I had never seen before. I was tempted to sneak into her closet to see just how many of the things she has made!

As for me, I am still working on those rectangles:

The current count is 14 rectangles because after taking this pic I made two more. Most need ends woven in, but that goes quickly. I think I've got a few more in me before I send them off. They are great for parties and travel as they do not require me to look down all the time. I can feel the next space with my fingers and double crochet away!

Hope you are all enjoying your holidays.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


As of 1:59pm yesterday, I am officially on Winter Break. Twelve glorious days of freedom. I'm so looking forward to having some time on my hands! What will I do with it?

Reclaim my apartment from the pit into which it has descended. Yes, there is much cleaning in my future. Added to that is a desire to get a handle on the craft supplies. The living room has been tackled but there is still that pesky yarn stash that is taking over my walk in closet and the stacks of card making/rubber stamping supplies hiding behind my bedroom door! I'm thinking some serious podcast listening will be just the thing to keep me motivated.
I'll be donning this duo again tomorrow as I go off to work my part-time retail job. Should be wonderfully hectic. I know you are probably thinking I'm crazy, but I love retail during the holidays. You get to spend all day making people happy. They come in looking for stuff, you help them find it, the stress goes away and they smile. Some are just having such a good time they are a joy to be around from beginning to end. Are there some Crankies? Of course. But they are so few and far between! So, Happy Merry to you all. I hope your shopping is done and you are having fun.

Just saw this...had to share the cleverness!

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Contrary to the rumors...I am still among the living. Between health issues and weirdness with my internet connection, it has been a while. Yet, I have not been idle!
Going Around
I'm still going round and round. Many kippah designs made and scrapped, a finished baby blanket, and progress on the lace shawl!

My latest addiction? Granny Squares.
Don't all gasp at once. If you have been reading this blog for a while you may remember my aversion to squares. Especially grannies. This has been slowly waining. The death knell occurred with the purchase of the latest Crochet Today. It had an article on basic granny construction. I had a small ball of yarn left over from the baby blanket. I had some gray and purple yarn of the same type staring at me from the stash. Viola, granny squares were born. These will be worked into a snuggle for donation to the local animal shelter. (lower right picture)

The granny again struck when I read this in the Daily Chum. How could I resist? Kids, special needs, and Judaism. I was done for before I got to what they wanted. Squares that are 5x7 inches. Of course grannies would be quick, easy, pretty, and use up some more of that stash yarn. (see center square of mosaic) They specifically want washable acrylic. I went stash diving today and found some more small balls that would be beautiful as little rectangular grannies! So, I'm still going round and round - this time for charity!