Thursday, September 21, 2006

Oh What FUN!

Wednesday night's knit and crochet group was just brimming over with loveliness! Take a peek:

Amanda is modeling the totally AWESOME sweater she just finished. I'm in envy. The sock is one of her WIPs. I was admiring the colorway all night.

Although I didn't get pictures of them, there were a lot of socks in process. I found myself really attracted to the textured patterns. I've considered crocheting socks, but the knitted ones are so lovely that I may have to give them a go... Here's a pair from the needles of the talented Jackie:
Check out her latest delightful sewn and knitted creations on her blog! The gloves she's modeling were knit by Gina in record time (was it two days Gina?). They are an original design by the amazing Heather who also creates stitch markers, knitting needles, and gorgeous yarn colorways! Such creativity in one tiny woman.

Moving on to the other crocheter of the group check out this soft cuddly cotton baby blanket created by Caroline.
I just love the lacy pattern. That is one lucky baby! The hat is going to the Caps for the Capital project I've mentioned before. As this hat evidences, she is having a grand time playing with color combinations to create cheerful hats for this worthy cause. Only a few more months to stitch before mailing off to D.C.!

Then to top it all off we had a newbie join us! A REAL newbie. A newbie who had never touched knitting needles or yarn before. Mike, wearing a Nine Inch Nails t-shirt and leather coat, sat right down and was soon knitting away. Here's to the joy of yarnwork and fearless beginners who are willing to plunk themselves down amidst a boisterous group of the yarn addicted!

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yarnophiliac said...

Ok -- you are my new best friend...You called me TINY!! I love you!! lol oh, yeah, and thanks for the other props, too....hehehe ;) ~Heather