Sunday, October 26, 2008

Can I have a "do over"?

This is the Acacia Scarf by Megan Marshall which is a newly added free pattern on Ravelry. For me this pattern was love at first sight. I have been looking for a project to use up two skeins of Cascade 220, and thought this was it. Um, no. The Cascade didn't want to be this scarf, but my Knit Picks Gloss did! Good thing they both have the same yardage! The scarf has a wonderful texture and lovely drape in this yarn. It is also soft on the skin. Seems perfect no? Well, there is just one small problem. Or maybe two. (Are you thinking I'm going adventuring? You would be right!)

I swatched. I did! I wanted the right hook size and drape. I got it. I did, however, neglect one little task. I didn't measure the gauge. It is a scarf. Who needs gauge? Hmmmmm.

The original pattern turns out a 70 inch scarf. Too long for me so I ran some numbers to shorten it. Ha! Want to guess how long my 60 inch-scarf-to-be turned out? Mumble, mumble, 48 inches, mumble, mumble.

I wasn't deterred and decided to see if the shorter length would work. Yeah, not so much. So it is off to the frog pond and I'm going to try something different. Instead of chaining to get the length, I'll do a hdc foundation chain so I'll know exactly how long the scarf will turn out! Hopefully my tension will be consistent with the rest of the scarf...

So, I need a "do over" to get this one right. Fingers are crossed!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Feeling shapely? I am today!

I wanted to do some simple motifs as a sort of "break" from big projects. It is also another part of my stash busting efforts. I want to move along most of my acrylic. Motifs like these allow for even small bits to be used.

So, here's my first attempt. I saw this really cool blanket (pattern) on Ravelry (link) and thought it would be fun. Here's the first triangle...

I really like the look. Making it, however, is not my idea of relaxing and fun. I'm not a huge fan of post stitches and did not realize at first that the entire thing is post stitches! Oops.

So I moved on by pulling out this book.

Let me stop for a moment and tell you of my love for this book. The motifs are clever and attractive. The projects help the reader see the possibilities created by linking motifs together. The instructions are clear and the pictures enticing. I love this book. I recommend it to anyone who wants to break out of the motif "box" and into other shapes!

I was hoping for a cute double crochet triangle without those post stitches. No luck. There was a great one in single crochet, but I'm not that patient. I want quick and gratifying! I did try to make one on my own. Nope. So, I thought, let's try a different shape. Page 96 yielded this beauty:In a mere five rounds (plus a single crochet edge to make joining easier) there sat a beautiful six inches of hexagon. And, bonus, the center looks like a flower. Yup, this one is a keeper!

Look out Caron Simply Soft stash yarn. Your days in the skein are numbered!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Special Delivery

I've been watching the mail for this package....
In only moments I had it open!What was inside? A dancing sheep...Or two...
And a crochet hook!
Thanks to Jennie the Potter for the custom order! Want one?
She'll make one for you, too!
Hmmm, what should I make first?
Tea or hot chocolate to "christen" the new mug?
P.S. Hey knitters! She makes ones with knitting needles, too...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Who's Got Spirit?


Do you remember Spirit Week? Did it occur at your school? It does at mine!

Each day next week has a theme. Students and teachers are encouraged to dress up to fit the scheme, and it can become quite entertaining. This year I actually remembered to plan ahead. I have a flower lei for Hawaiian Day, my BoSox cap for NE Sports Team Day, and a Tie Dyed bandanna to wear on Tie Dye day (yup, I keep it low key). But, I didn't really have a good combination of clothing for Red, White, and Blue day where everyone wears the school colors to show support for the sports teams.

Remember that pink scarf? Well, the scarf strikes again! This one is meant to be a bit silly and fun. It reminds me of something a cheer leader might wear. (Although, my sister says it looks more like an Olympian's ribbon - the ones that hold the medals.)
Three quick swipes of back loop single crochet with a flower off the end of two of the passes and voila! I got the idea for the flowers from the shawl on the front of IC this month. =-)
I have heard that after Spirit Week, the red, white, and blue Friday is going to continue. So, this will get a lot of use. This is the first project that I have purposely "killed" by steaming with a very hot iron which is hovered over the acrylic. It is really amazing how much softer/more flexible it becomes. Now, I won't squeak every time I move! LOL

Enjoy your long weekend if you have one!

Monday, October 06, 2008


Thanks for all your well wishes. They worked!
Quick pics before running off to work this morning!

I love how soft this turned out. The yarn is quite springy so the motifs are a bit more elongated than I expected (but still pretty). If I were not in such a rush to get this done I might have swatched and gone down a hook size.
It was fun wearing it around school today. More than one person stopped me to get a better look. =-)

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Fingers Crossed

Twelve hours and counting until I need this to be dry and ready to wear. That fan will be running all night. I'm not taking any chances! Fingers crossed that I have not miscalculated on how long this light worsted will take to dry... Oh, and if you ever need someone to booby trap your kitchen, I'm your girl*. LOL

*Fan cord runs from counter across to the table while the ironing board extending the blocking space cuts you off from the other direction!

In the Pink

When this arrived in my mail box I was immediately taken with Doris Chan's design for the Sweet Lorraine Lace Throw. I want it as a scarf. Badly.

Of course that means stash diving to find just the right yarn. While several presented themselves for consideration I suddenly realized the scarf had to be pink. Breast Cancer pink. Why? Well, one of the clubs at my school is doing a week of awareness and fund raising so they have asked everyone to wear pink. Pink every day. Do you know what color is not currently in my wardrobe? Yup. You guessed it. I don't feel like wearing a little piece of pink ribbon is enough for me. I want a bigger statement. I'll have one by Monday...

Excellent progress! I started Friday night and completed the second ball by the time I had polished off my cup of chai on Saturday.
There is nothing quite like traveling with your project and taking some quiet moments to crochet in public. Surpisingly not one person noticed the woman sitting in the window crocheting the bright pink scarf! I think maybe they were too focused on the door to the shop where yummy drinks, hand made chocolates, and Gelato can be found.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Off to attach the third and final ball of yarn to the scarf. Must block it tonight!