Friday, September 15, 2006

Ah Ha! She is not Crazy!

O.K. so the crazy part might be debatable, but I was correct about the Interweave Bam Boo Scarf pattern being totally messed up. I left a message on the Interweave site and just received my answer:

"We are aware of the problem with this pattern; it is currently being reviewed and we will post the correction as soon as possible. I apologize for the error and any inconvenience it may have caused. "

I haven't checked to see if the errata page has been updated yet, but I hope they do it soon so some other poor soul doesn't get as frustrated as I did! They get many brownie points for 1) responding to my e-mail 2) responding quickly and 3) apologizing. I'm looking forward to the corrected pattern. I hope it will still look as lovely as the picture in the magazine!

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