Monday, September 18, 2006

The sad truth

This is the scarf I was making for my ISE pal. The sad truth? It is taking on a decided curve on one side. How can it curve on just one side? Doesn't that break a law of physics or something? Because of this weirdness, I'm now searching for a new pattern. I cannot bring myself to frog this yet so will begin again with one of the other balls of yarn to see if things go better. I tend to think this is a yarn problem as the spin for this yarn makes it springy! Perhaps it is just not meant for crochet... Trial and error makes for adventures in crochet! :-D


Anonymous said...

You know what's great about a scarf? Once it's wrapped around your neck, so many quirks are unnoticable.

You give me hope, though. My crochet curls. Maybe it's just one of those things... like stockinette... hmmm

Catlady said...

I can't tell what stitch you are using from the picture - but it is possible that the stitch itself is making it curl. It is also difficult to see if maybe your turning chains are responsible - tighter on one side and more relaxed on the other.

Anonymous said...

When you are finished slip stitch the length of both sides. That will help that curve.

yarnophiliac said...

Does one typically block crochet? Might that help? I would hate to see you frog this -- it was truly lovely in person.