Saturday, January 26, 2008

Contrary to the Evidence

I am still among the living. I'm on public access at the moment and need to vacate shortly so a quick note...

At long, long, long last I have begun the "Pretty in Pink" blanket from Afghans for All Seasons Book 1 which prompted my first Amazon purchase almost a year and a half ago. In fact, I shared the pattern with Caroline and she has made several (I think it was three at last count)! While mine is not pink it is coming from stash yarn and will be put in a holding pattern for the next boy to come along...

Before that I was bitten by a yarn exchange bug made from gorgeous cashmere yarn recycled from a sweater! It was a scarf in less than 24 hours and has seen quite a bit of use since then. (Thanks Chris) I am a cashmere virgin no more! I am delighted to say that the pattern and yarn were a perfect fit and didn't even require blocking.

On another front, the first year of teaching in block scheduling is officially half over as of yesterday. Finals administered, grades entered, and new classes prepped (well, almost... I have some serious work to do today on one of them). That just leaves about 40 progress reports to write and I'm done (Ha, like the work is ever done...I can dream though, right?) This switching to new classes at mid year feels really weird. It is like going back to August and starting over. Course descriptions, introductions, new students to learn about... Sort of surreal. I think after the mad scramble we have all gone through switching over to the second semester that many of us will be prepping for ALL the classes at the beginning of the year then just squirreling away the photocopies and other materials all ready to go!

Hope you are all well out there in blog land and with luck I'll have some pics of progress soon.