Friday, June 30, 2006

Granny Square Scarf

Well, the scarf is done and a picture will be posted when the tool bar that allows the upload of images reappears in my editor. (Don't ask me what world wide black hole it has dropped into...) It came out pretty well. A big thanks to Carolyn from for your assist with making the corkscrew fringe work! This "fringe" can be seen as the legs of the octopus in her toy pics.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My First Granny Square!

When I took up crochet I swore never to make granny squares. I have never liked them. That was until I found a beautiful modern sweater that incorporates the granny square motif you see to the right. So throwing up my hands, I have bowed to the inevitable. It was surprisingly simple and I must admit I like the result a lot. (No, that admission didn't hurt too much!) While I still don't see any granny square afghans in my future, when done practicing this motif I'll likely string them together into a scarf. Some little girl will love it!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Crocheter Walks Into a Yarn Store...

and SCORES! Seven 250 yard skeins of 100% alpaca for 25% off! Yipee! Isn't it yummy? As you can imagine it is also very soft. Should the crochet gods be smiling upon me along with the muses of creativity this yarn will become a crocheted version of Elizabeth Zimmeran's pi shawl.

Below is my first attempt at converting the pi shawl to crochet. It seemed to work, however, the sport weight yarn I tried turned out too stiff. Yes, I know I could have tried a larger hook. The more I thought about the result, though, the more I realized the shawl would be bulkier and heavier than I hoped. So... nothing should be a loss. It will go to the local animal shelter as a snuggle (see "The Snuggle Project" link to the right) for a lovely cat or dog who is looking for a "forever home".

Animal Pillows!

Gotta love stuffed animals that double as pillows! It seems like most toys made from crochet are often bulky but these critters are plain adorable. I just had to share them. These may sit on my "some day" list for a while but surely there will be a good excuse to make them!

My first blog

My first blog! I am still trying to figure this out but it is certainly as much of an adventure as learning to crochet! This was my first attempt at cross stitch (ironically I used to do the kind with embroidery floss and fabric). I haven't yet brought myself to use this dish cloth on actual dishes. Sigh, the dishes must be washed soon so I'll have to christen it.