Monday, February 11, 2013

Of Course!

It finally occurred to me that "there must be an app for that". So here I sit in a local restaurant having lunch and blogging! (Sometimes I think I'm a bit slow...)

Anyway, I started a new project this morning inspired by a skein of bamboo and rayon yarn I was gifted over the holidays. Starry Starry Night is now on the needle. Yes, just one 40 inch circular worked back and forth in a pseudo magic loop. Fun to knit, but a challenge to count the cast on stitches. Away I go!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Beginnings

I've been planning to get back to this blog for ages.  The plan was that once I had internet at home I'd be able to blog regularly. Well, I've been in the new place for two years now and still don't have internet. Somehow the time just flew by. 

Anyway, I've been getting the crochet bug lately thanks to a new fiber gathering.  It is amazing how wearing crocheted and knitted shawls at work brings the fiber enthusiasts out of the closet!  It was change over day between semesters when four of us ended up in the copy room at once.  I was wearing the knitted Thao that I had just finished.  Admirations, project discussions, wishes for time to craft turned into a plan.

We decided to start meeting once a week after school. We even selected Wednesdays and settled on the art room as our gathering place. Then...nothing. The promised e-mail announcing the first meeting never arrived.  However, science teacher to the rescue!  She and I decided to just send out the e-mail ourselves to the copy room group. By the next morning there was a second e-mail inviting the entire faculty to join us!  It worked.

So, last Wednesday was our first get together. We taught a newbie the knit stitch and I've promised to teach another to make granny squares.  It is she and the gobs of acrylic the art teacher wants us to use up that has inspired me to start some grannies of my own... What a nice and relaxing way to end a work day. I feel very lucky.