Thursday, April 24, 2008

Catching Up

Sorry for the lag in posting. I'd been doing pretty well at a once a week update, however, Blogger was feeling testy and wouldn't upload my pictures recently. All's well now, but I warn you...there's lots to update!

First, is the Healing Shawl from Annie's Attic pamphlet Quick-to-Stitch Prayer Shawls is done. You might recognize this as the exercise project from the last post. The yarn is Caron Simply soft in Country Blue. I had a bit shy of two skeins on hand that I wanted to use up and it worked beautifully once I went up a hook size (to an H).

I was in the home stretch of doing the edging when I realized there was a small problem. Not enough yarn. I ran out with a mere 4 inches of edging left to go! So, a few modifications, some ripping back, and I finished the edge with yarn to spare. The results are lovely. No one would ever know I "cheated". Since it is a little too small for my tastes, it is going into the charity stockpile. I'm certain the right recipient will turn up!

Next up is the Boteh Scarf from Interweave Crochet Spring 2007. If you have made this you might be able to tell I changed it up a bit to accommodate a worsted weight yarn. Yes, folks I was determined to use at least some of the Wool of the Andes yarn I had purchased for my ISE6 project to produce a scarf for my pal. Changes: I reduced the number of cast on stitches so that the first row was only 8 stitches long (effectively cutting the number of stitches in the scarf in half as the original pattern called for 15 stitches). It worked beautifully and worked up even faster. I will certainly do this again, but a word of caution. It is easy to "turn" the segments in an odd direction if you aren't paying attention so check the work as you go. A little soak in hair conditioner to soften and away it went into the mail with the rest of the goodies.

Last, but certainly not least, is a baby blanket. I scrapped the first blanket as the body was a bit too stiff (I will admit my gauge was off, but I think I'd still like more drape). I'll try the pattern again but go up a hook size or two. In the mean time I started a simple granny blanket using the softly shaded yarn. Yardage issues again. I did not want to open the second skein knowing there would be yarn left over. So now it will have a few rounds of yellow which will be
followed by a green border. The result should be a blankie the right size for covering baby in the car seat.

I think that's all for now as long as you don't ask me how many projects I have on the hook or in the planning stage... =-D

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Perfect Recipe

Take one of these Medieval torture devices stair steppers. Add a generous helping of laughter with a new Podcast* or two.
Then throw in this. One of the few crochet patterns I could possibly do while marching along on the stepper**.
Set the alarm for 5AM and off you go.
This was possibly the most fun I've ever had exercising at home (alone).
*Just discovered the Y Knit podcast thanks to Scout. Listen from the beginning you won't be sorry...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring and Winter

It's looking like spring at last here in New England. Nary a bit of snow in sight. So, now seemed a good time to make the Rose Garden Lattice baby blanket from last month's Crochet! Magazine.I'm just loving the 3D effect of these flower grannies! Even the backs are attractive.

These squares are just the beginning. Now the real work of creating the body of the blankie can commence. I have my fingers crossed that I will like the yarn I picked for the body since it is not an ombre as the pattern calls for. I'll know soon!
Here are the promised pics of the ISE6 Scarf. And guess what? In a fit of crochet I finished it! FO city! It would have been done yesterday if I had been able to find a single one of my darning needles. Had to run out to the craft store this morning to get some.
My pal wanted red, lace, and soft. I think this will do the trick!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Progress...At Last

The red lace scarf is history, again. I tried to love it. I really did. But, I have finally admitted defeat...

So I now have three skeins of spliced yarn and seven unused skeins of Wool of the Andes. I think I will send some to my ISE6 giftee as part of the package. What will become of the rest? I have not clue 1. For now I guess, into the stash it will go with hopes of the perfect pattern arriving in the future.

As to patterns, I am now crocheting this (with many thanks to Ravelry). And Hallelujah it is lovely! A thank you must go out to Gina who steered me to the perfect yarn for this pattern. It is a silk and alpaca blend that is a dream to work with. So soft and with a nice sheen. As I type this, the scarf measures about 15 inches and counting. I promise pics soon.

Stress is gone. No longer worrying about what I will be sending to my pal. Ah, bliss!

Saturday, April 05, 2008


So, what is a crocheter to do when she discovers the hook she was using is no longer with the project? Why check the pattern of course. Only to find that didn't write down the hook size when transfering the pattern to note cards! So, memory it is:

Oops! Now, I am usually more careful than this. I normally would have waited until I got home and pulled out the complete pattern. That would have been smart. (Duh) Why didn't I? I'll blame it on the deadline.

This is for the ISE6 swap and I have been pushing myself to keep going on this wrap/scarf. I didn't want to lose more time. Hah! That didn't work so well as I scrapped the entire thing. Back at square one, I am having a hard time finding another pattern that will work with this yarn. Many, many, many swatches later (that is all I did this AM) I've decided to start over - with the original pattern, but the smaller hook. So something good did come out of my "duh" moment after all.

The second occurance. What does one do when getting a new Nano only to find it is so slippery it is likely to hit the floor with little help? Duh, make use of the left over yarn from the shawl and make this:

It works really well. I considered adding a flap or draw closure to the top. Once I wore it I was glad that I did not. With the open top I can slip a finger in to adjust the volume and quickly slip out the Nano to search for the next podcast or song I want.

Only one problem, I still have more shawl yarn left. What now? LOL