Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Well, as you can see my plan did not work. The back of the shawl did not lay flat with the extra increases. Unfortunately, it also did not ripple in a manner that was attractive. I stopped as soon as the camera (thank GOODNESS for timers) revealed the problem. Shortly after this picture was taken the shawl took a trip to the frog pond. Tonight I started again. I thought that maybe using the original pattern with the slight increase which DID work combined with working an even row in between might be the ticket. I didn't get to try this idea, however, because upon arriving at the knitting/crochet group tonight I discovered I didn't have the right size hook with me! As a firm believer that there is a reason when things like this happen I decided to try the pattern with a smaller hook doing the increases every row. The body is stiffer, however, I'll keep going for a while and see how it develops... Wish me luck!

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