Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tah Dah!

Here are the pics I promised.

One lovely new scarf to match my new winter coat. I'm loving the curls for fringe, so fun! The left over yarn is slowly becoming a hat. If there is enough yarn left after making the hat I am tempted to add some spirals to the crown. =-DHere's that yarn I purchased for 25% of its regular price at the JCA sale. It is a lovely combination of blues and greys. I have NO idea what it will become. It was just too pretty to pass up!
This is the other yarn I could not resist. I LOVE red. It was 10 skeins of DK 100% Merino for only $20. Could you have passed it up?
I had not clue what this would become either, however, after buying the new Crochet Me book I'm thinking it might become this if I am brave enough! This sweater looks simple and like something I would wear. I'm considering altering the sleeves, though, by adding some lace so that I can raise my arms without revealing too much through the arm holes!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Twenty-four hours and the black scarf is now blocking on my kitchen table and ironing board. I don't think I've ever turned out anything but a hat that quickly! I'm a little dazed.

After dipping the scarf in some Soak I got another surprise: the 53 inch scarf (before spirals) became 64 inches. SIXTY-FOUR . I left the scarf a little short to allow for some growth. But, eleven inches? I never imagined that it would grow that much. It's a new record! If only my afghan will follow the scarf's example and grow as generously when I get it done.

Pics tomorrow if I get home early enough to have some light and if the scarf is dry. The JCA yarn will also be part of the photo shoot, promise. I looked up the regular price for one of the yarns and now realize I got it for 75% off. Yipee! =-D

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Catching Up on Crochet

So before Rhinebeck I was working on turning Very Berry from Sereknity into a scarf to match my new winter coat. Here's the swatch I was off to create when last we talked of this: I added a diamond repeat and it worked up very quickly. However, this pattern just did nothing to show off the yarn. It has been frogged. After many, many false starts like this I may have the answer:

With thanks to my Harmony Guide and the Crosshatch Stitch I, these little diamond allow the colors to pool. In person it is more textured dimpling forward and back with the alternating diamonds. It is quite fetching. My only problem is that the tension is not even so the sides are bowing. I'm trying to decide if I should block what I've done so far to see if it fixes the problem or just restart the pattern now that it is familiar. While I cogitate, I've started the second scarf for my new coat:

This is the Lace and Spiral scarf from Ruthie's Easy Crocheted Scarfs which is working up very quickly. The yarn is Lamb's Pride Worsted 85% wool/15% mohair. It will certainly be warm despite the openness of the pattern!

And last but not least, an FO. This wash cloth was begun ages ago on a night when I needed something simple to work. I didn't realize it was languishing in one of my project bags until I came across it the other day and finished the border. Now it is done!
Coming soon...goodies from the JCA sale!

Oh, and BTW I also fell down and went boom for this today in Sereknity's Etsy Shop. Oh such yarny goodness just cannot be resisted!

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Best Laid Plans

of crocheters and fiber enthusiasts often go awry!

So, I spent the weekend at Rhinebeck. I planned to have much fibery fun and much was had...by others. I never even set foot on the fair grounds. I did see lots of my hotel room and last night even an Emergency room (because where else do you find a doctor at 7pm on a Sunday night?). Don't worry, all has turned out well with a clear plan of action for symptom resolution. Life's good. =-D

On the up side, my generous sister was able to procure a commemorative Sheep and Wool embroidered project bag for me. It is just the perfect size for transporting the ever growing afghan. Also, she and my mother scoured the booths for a yarn that incorporated black to match my new winter coat. No luck. I'm glad they looked because otherwise the thought that I had missed out on finding the perfect yarn would have haunted me. I got to enjoy their stories of what they had seen and admire some beautiful yarn purchases.

Thankfully, I was well enough on Saturday night to make the Ravelry get together. It was so much fun to meet in person folks I've only "seen" on line. Mom even won one of the raffle prizes and had her picture taken by someone from Webs. Wonder where that pic will turn up...


Just three people away from me when the pic was snapped. You cannot tell from the dark cell phone pic but she is wearing the finished Kauni sweater. It is just as beautiful as you would imagine. I wish my pics of Jess and Casey standing on chairs to address the throng had come out. It was quite a sight, and let me tell you knitters are LOUD! Shy? Retiring? Aged? No way Jose! lol

So, it was a fun and semi-relaxing weekend overall. Best laid plans my go awry, but all is not lost!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Problem Solving

I need a new winter coat. In fact, I needed a new winter coat last year. Unfortunately, I was not able to find one I liked. This situation became the perfect excuse to expand my wardrobe of scarves. If I couldn't have a new coat at least I could jazz it up with nice new handmade scarves. Right?!

I love to make scarves. They are relatively quick and easy, use a reasonable amount of yarn, and the possibilities are endless. Living in New England, I'm sure, has something to do with my affection for this garment seeing as it is a necessity if you want to go outside several months out of the year.

So, I set off shopping for a new winter coat with the knowledge that anything I found would match the existing scarves in my wardrobe. Particularly the one I made over the summer (I did say I like to make scarves, right?). Alas, such was not to be the case. I found a coat. It is wonderful. It is one of my favorite colors, blue. However, it has the amazing distinction of MATCHING NOT A SINGLE SCARF I OWN. Stunned? Yup, I am.

On the bright side, the crocheter in my is suddenly atwitter that I have the perfect excuse to make another scarf (or two or three - vareity is the spice of life you know). Not only that, the yarn gods are continuing to aid my stash reduction in preparation for Rhinebeck next weekend. I have a perfect yarn in the stash to match the coat!

Berry Blast by Sereknity

As you can see I started a scarf immediately, but have now decided to frog and try another pattern. Why? Love the pattern, hate the drape. I could adjust the hook size and try again, but it won't be warm enough given it's openness. So I'm going to try this one without the poms. I've added a diamond repeat so that it will be wide enough in the lighter yarn I'm using. I'll give it a go today. Wish me luck! =-D

Monday, October 08, 2007

Kiss Kiss

Best wishes and Congratulations
to Ericka and Chris who
tied the knit (ahem) knot this weekend!
A sweeter more lovely couple you'll rarely meet.
Drop in on the blog and leave them a message!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

And so it begins =-D

Sorry it isn't a better picture, but I was too impatient to wait for daylight! LOL