Friday, June 29, 2007


Do you know what these mean? Yup! All the seams, including weaving in, for the blanket are done. Then I just had to go around and around again to create a border. (As if going around and around for each square wasn't enough!) And when all was said and done I had this:

Isn't it pretty?!
2 Skeins of Lion Brand Pound of Love in white
Border Lion Brand Pound of Love in turquoise
I am sooooo happy with the result. I was tempted to keep it or make one for myself. Who would have thought? Those who know me or have read for a while know that I have an aversion to squares. I think that aversion may be abating thanks to this blanket. Yes, there was a lot of sewing, but it wasn't that bad with 8 inch squares. Yipee! I did it!
O.K. so on to the next project...
This is the first 15 rounds of what I have dubbed the Patriotic Blanket. It had several false starts. I'm using Red Heart and was surprised to find it so stiff and scratchy. I've used it before. It suddenly occurred to me that I've been working with wool and baby soft yarn for so long that "regular" acrylic felt strange.

I actually abandoned the first red I chose because the dye made it too stiff. I realized from checking the skeins that the lighter colors were more pliable and somewhat softer. So, I switched out the dark red and navy blue for "Red Hot" and "Royal". the picture doesn't do it justice, but it is really striking!

And then I made one more change. It seemed to me that a square lapghan might be awkward to use. So, I made it rectangular. I wish now I had actually made it longer. Ah well, that is what adventures in crochet are all about. I'll know better next time! =-D

Have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today, I began this blog. I didn't know at the time if I would continue it. Sort of an experiment. I had taken up crochet and wanted to share it with family and friends who did not live nearby. A year later there have been 116 posts...nearly 9,000 visitors. Little did I understand the size of the blogging community or how much it would enrich my life. I've "met" some of the coolest people! Thanks all for reading. =-D

P.S. The blanket is almost done. It turned out that all that sewing was a strain on my neck and shoulders so I stopped with just one more vertical to go. I hope to find some time today to finish it. If not, by the weekend for sure!

Monday, June 25, 2007

And Sew It Goes

and goes and goes! The thirty squares for the lapghan are complete and the piecing has begun. Well, more than begun. The horizontal seems are almost finished leaving the verticals. Since I've never pieced like this before, I am sort of making it up. Seems to be coming out just fine. A final round to create an edging and all will be complete. Off to the Veteran's Home it will go. And wouldn't you know it I have plans to make a second one thanks to finding this pattern yesterday? The patriotic theme convinced me it would be perfect for those "retired" soldiers who served our country so well.

In other news, I've joined the "Yarn in a Tea Cup exchange" hosted by Zoe. The name says it all. Exchangers will send enough yarn for a small project and a tea cup/mug. Right up my alley (as you may have guessed from the tea cup I just purchased). This is the first exchange I'll do where the giftee and recipient are not secret. I'm really looking forward to getting to know two new people and finding the perfect items to mail. Well, back to sewing...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

FO - My First Felted Bag at Long Last

Back in late April I purchased the spring edition of Interweave Crochet and immediately fell in love with the little (8 inch tall) On-the-Go Bags. A trip to the local yarn store's sale loft provided the wool and I was off and running! It has been languishing, completed crocheted, for at least the last month. Finally, with a visit to a nearby friend with a top load washer I now have... THIS! Close Up


The shading is not quite as subtle as it appears in the pictures.
85% Wool 15% Mohair (It is soft and has a slight halo!)
8 inches tall uncinched, 7 1/2 inches cinched
Rattail Cord, Black by Morex Corp.
Dritz Cord Stop

I cannot wait to use this! It will fit my wallet, cell phone, keys, and a few essentials when I want to go exploring without a big bag. Oh, and in flash of insight...

I realized the rattail was nylon and, therefore, could be melted to prevent unraveling. That's when it hit me. The knots. Melt the knots. Why? Well, a melted knot will NEVER come untied! Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I'm off to count granny squares...

Friday, June 22, 2007

Peheenah Spies with Her Little Eyes

What do I spy with my little eyes?"Breathtaking" yarn from Spunky Eclectic! *

A cup for tea!**

More Yarn (this time alpaca)! ***

* This is 420 yards of fingering weight superwash wool that I have been drooling over for months. I waited too long to purchase it as it was gone when I finally decided. Gina to the rescue! She and a bunch of our knitting buds went to visit Spunky not so long ago and got me this skein. Yippee! What will this become? I don't know. For now I'll just admire it and wait for it to speak to me.

**This little number came from my visit to Pickity Place. In the six years I have been going there I have managed to not purchase anything but candy. This year I made up for it! A unique birthday present, this cup, and some bath oil all gleaned from the two (yes two) gift shops.

I've seen these cups before, but the patterns have never spoken to me. I couldn't resist this one. (Does vacation make one weak?) You see, I really like herbal teas and many of them come loose or in bags with no string. I'm tired of trying to clean tea balls or fishing a droopy bag out of the water. No more. Easy clean up and a nice lid/coaster so that the water doesn't cool off to much while steeping. Lucky me! Oh, and as for the food. Outstanding as usual. The flower/herb gardens were in full bloom. We sat under one of the shade trees, took in the view, and chatted for hours! Truly a good time.

***Once upon a time this yarn was used for my second attempt at a pi shawl in crochet. Unfortunately, the best laid plans of this crocheter just did not pan out. I frogged it some time back and stuck it in the stash. It will so be resurrected for another shawl (well, a stole actually). I post the swatch when it is ready!

Monday, June 18, 2007


I had no idea it had been so long since I last posted. I apologize. The end of the school year sucked me into its black hole of busyness and has just spit me back out. Friday was the last day of school for the year. Whew! We had a meeting with the new superintendent just before release. Her parting shot? "I'll leave you with a good thought. Only 72 days until the the first day of school!" (I'll let you use your imagination to determine our reaction to this...) =-D

Anyway, I am currently posting from Cape Cod. A quick visit to the family for Father's Day. We tried a new pancake house and I've learned a lesson. In a pancake house, get pancakes or french toast. Those were awesome. Enough said.

I'm off in a little while to Pickity Place. Ever been? It is wonderful and unique. Every year a bunch of us do a end of year meal to seal the school year with a pleasant social event. The food is wonderful, fresh, and creative. They grow and use their own herbs and flowers in the cooking. The wait staff is dressed in "cottage style" with aprons and flowers in their hair. In addition to the main dining room there is also Little Red Riding Hood's Bedroom where, if you book ahead, you and your child can dine! If you get the chance, go.

Happy Monday. I promise more soon. Lots of pics, WWKIP day, etc.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Pet Yarn

Sigh. I just cannot do it. Not yet. I cannot wind this yarn into a cake and crochet it. It just looks too pretty in the skein. What is it? Well, I snapped this lovely up so quick that Heather, the amazingly talented dyer of Sereknity, hadn't even put a ball band on it yet! I know it is Sock Options yarn and Merino. I'm just not sure of the colorway name!This is the skein that also changed my mind. Not long ago several dyers whose blogs I read like Scout and Dave Daniels Cabin Cove posted polls to see how we would like them to present their yarn. The primary question was should they reskein so the color changes show or leave it as above so the chunks of color show.

I was a reskein gal until I purchased this one. Seeing the hues of blue, purple, and pink I think have given me a better idea of what it will look like worked up. Not to mention I just love the way the colors look against each other. When I do finally get around to working with this yarn, I'm thinking socks. My first try at crocheted socks. It will be a while, though. For yarn. =-D

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Cumulative Action

This phrase, cumulative action, has been rolling around in my head since Wednesday. Stephanie posited in her talk that part of the reason knitters (crocheters/weavers) are so generous with their time and money is that they are familiar with cumulative action. One stitch, one stitch, one stitch, again, and again, and again until eventually there emerges a baby blanket, sweater, scarf, mittens, hat, or a sock (then hopefully a second). Little actions that accumulate until something new is born. We don't wonder if the single dollar we contribute to a charity will make a difference because we know that it will be joined by others until the goal is reached, the building built, the family helped.

For myself I know that crochet is a creative outlet. A place where I can achieve a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in my life even when everything else gets weird. It began as a simple desire to learn, but quickly became so much more. A way to share with the ones I love and to support my community. For all that stitching is a solitary activity it draws people together not only to socialize, but also, through the generosity of those who engage in these activities, to reach out to a wider world community. Cumulative action. One thought, one idea, one act building on the next until we are linked. Together we change the world. One little action at a time...
So, that Rainbow Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock yarn is destined to become this hoodie. You might recognize it from an earilier post when I purchased a different yarn to make it. Well, upon reflection I realized that yarn would not work.
However, there is no doubt that this time I've got it right. These are the two front panels for the sweater. I am so excited to see it coming together. It won't matter if my friend has a boy or a girl, this multicolor approach will certainly work! =-D