Monday, September 04, 2006

Could this be it?

The first shawl I ever created was intended to grace my shoulders. It was, however, admired by my mother and became her possession instead. I was thrilled she coveted it. Turns out she has been using it as a small afghan in the mornings when the house is cool and only occasionally for her shoulders! (You just never know what you are creating...) This was back in June.

Today, my mother "commissioned" a second shawl, this time in white. She has gotten so much use from the black one that she wants another before heading south for the winter months! Just one thing, it needed to be a shallower triangle than the first one so that it would cover more of her arms (and maybe even have the ability to be worn wrap style). You see while I am five foot four, my mother is only four foot ten. That six inches makes a big difference! So here was the first attempt. I added some stitches so it would increase faster. The triangle is shallower but nowhere near enough. Luckily, I like this one on me. I may get a shawl out of this after all! BTW this is the Light and Cozy Shawl.

So back to the drawing board. More increases spread across the pattern resulted in this. Here are the first eight of an estimated necessary forty to fifty rows. It seems to have promise. Could this be it? Only time will tell!

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Gina House said...

Oh, the shawl is gorgeous! What a great job you did! I love it! What yarn did you use? How nice! I love shawls...