Tuesday, August 15, 2006


  1. So, no pictures today as I spent the weekend on Cape Cod. There was little time for crochet. Although I must say as of this moment I am close to finishing the toddler throw made from the "Mexicana" Homespun. A big THANK YOU to the generous Amanda for giving me some from her stash so that I didn't have to frog it and start over!
  2. Have you ever been to the Kennedy Compound in Hyannisport or the JFK Museum on Main Street in Hyannis? Both were interesting! Well, the Compound only if you like living history and architecture that you have to look at from afar. The museum was brief (well - the guidebook said 45 minutes but we took 2 hrs!), informative, and unique in its artifacts and pictures. A BIG BONUS was that since I am a teacher I got in for FREE! Those with me also received a discount. They paid only $2.00 instead of the regular $5.00 admission. How's that for a perk of being a teacher?
  3. Have you heard about the International Scarf Exchange? I read about it here and have joined. I let them know that I crochet instead of knit and they said it would be just fine! Yipee! I love making scarves. If you are interested, go to the ISE blog then look on the right hand sidebar for "STUFF"and read the Rules and Questionaire. I am looking forward to finding an interesting pattern for the scarf I crochet and am thrilled at the prospect of receiving something truly wonderful that might come from half way around the world!


Lolly said...

I am glad to see that you joined the ISE! Doesn't it look like fun? A crocheted scarf will be a very nice for your pal! :) Have fun with it!

Jen said...

Hey there, Gigi - it was so great meeting you and Karen tonight! You are clearly talented at crochet - I look forward to seeing how your version of the pi shawl comes out.

I can do what I want with crochet, I just more often want to knit. I should probably devise a simple crochet project to work on just to refresh my skills. :)