Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bed of Roses

I have a confession...I am a crocheter who reads the Yarn Harlot. Why? She is a hoot, many of her tips work for crocheters, and while I don't knit, my friends and relations do. All knowledge is valuable, you just never know when it might come into play!

Today was one of those days. I remember reading some comments this jewel of the knitting world made in her latest book Knitting Rules. (I'm currently on pg 158) Among her recommended types of pattern books to have in your library are several with "brilliant, over-the-top, 'I-could-never' patterns...[this] is the stuff that knitterly inspiration comes from. Aim high. Dream big (76)." Encouraging, no? Well, It came into play as I read the premier edition of Crochet Today magazine. There it was. A beautiful crocheted blanket, "Bed of Roses". My reaction:

1) That's gorgeous!
2) It's made in squares...I DON'T DO SQUARES!
3) Maybe I'll try squares to make this...(cringe) I'd have to make 48 of them?!
4) Skill level, skill level...Oh, no! It is an intermediate (one down from expert)
5) But, I REALLY like it.
6) I'll think about it.

As the days went by, it got prettier. That's when I recalled the Yarn Harlot's words. This pattern had inspired me to try squares. It might be beyond me. It just might be one of those "I-could-never" patterns for a rank beginner in crochet like myself who has trouble keeping even tension. However, as she also says, repeatedly, "It's only yarn." So, today I gave it a go and here is the result. It's not perfect, it just might be beyond me at this point (I won't know until I try making SEVERAL more of these striving for consistency and the right shape!), but it is beautiful:


Jackie said...

That square is absolutely beautiful! I say go for it!

Anonymous said...

It's going to be a beaut! Do it!

Anonymous said...

I found the pattern for that blanket and I too have fallen in love with it, but I hav eonly ever made single stitch blankets and I have never tried a pattern, but I would really like to make this blanket for my mother and am wondering maybe if you could pleaseexplain something to me. I can do the ring to start but when it says Chi, [sc, Ch 2, tr, Ch 2] 8 times, I am completely lost. I can do the stitches but do you do them on top of one another or I have no idea then Rnd 2 is complete nonesense to me. I've tried to find a crochet group in my area that would help me and Micheals does not do classes anymore so I am completely stuck. Maybe you could help me. Thank you so much for your time, Kristen.