Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Homespun - Did you know this?

I love Michael's for its clearance yarn. The other day a co-worker gave me a coupon so I, of course, had to go get some yarn. Low and behold the lovely Homespun yarn in Mexicana was on clearance for $1 yes, $1 a skein! Needless to say, I purchased the last two skeins. I was thinking I could make a toddler blanket with it. Now I'm stuck as the first skein has left me with only eight inches of height - meaning the finished piece would only be 16 inches tall! What to do?

Here's the "Did you know this?" part...
I went to the Lion Brand Site to see if there were coordinates or something that I could use for part of the piece. What I read surprised me - some of the homespun is known as "painterly" meaning that when it is worked up there will be subtle stripes in the finished work. I've never worked with homespun before this and had no idea that it wasn't just solids and variegateds! Anyway, if you have a good idea for a color or solution PLEASE let me know.

The two sides are different so both are pictured along with the QCC (Quality Control Cat).

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Lapdog Creations said...

I think you might've hit the same clearance bin as me at Michael's -- Salem store??? That's where I scored that stash of the Patons Grace! :)