Friday, August 18, 2006

Busy Making WIPs

So, I tried another Homespun scarf and did not like it at all. This is one of those "subtle stripes" yarns, which I did not realize when I purchased it. Looks really weird along the length of the scarf!

So... I tried it in the round as a snuggle for the animal shelter and it is MUCH prettier! (Sorry that the pictures aren't better...)

Not to give up I tried another Homespun color and this one is definitely working!

Have you ever heard of a chain afghan or a Jacob's Ladder? I hadn't until this week. The basic recipe is to dc 10 then chain 10 (skipping 10 chains), turn by chaining two at the end of each row. When you are done your loop the chains together and it creates that braid looking stripe you can see on the right. Very easy and really interesting looking result! It looks even better if you stripe two colors. The pictures I saw of this had one color "darting" into the next stripe showing off the "braid". This will be a snuggle as most of my "let's try this new technique/stitch/pattern" things tend to be!

And finally a dish cloth that only needs the ends woven in. This pattern came from Leisure Arts, however, I skipped the last round as it was making the piece ruffle (unlike the sample photo in the design book) and I didn't like the look. So, what's next...Finishing some of these WIPs of course! Happy Hooking!


Lapdog Creations said...

GREAT snuggle for the shelter! :) Where do you donated your stuff? I need to get working on knitting some stuff for the Snuggles Project program and the local shelters myself.

Jackie said...

Gorgeous stuff. I love the snuggle and the dishcloth.

Anonymous said...

I've missed our Sunday morning show and tell. Bring some pretties this week!