Friday, February 22, 2008

Silly Me

The other day I thought I'd wander into my LYS to see if they had the yarn to make one of the sweaters from Easy to Crochet Cute Clothes for Kids: A Gorgeous Collection Of 25 Quick And Easy Designs. It was just a scouting mission mind you.
As I mentioned a few posts ago, the co-worker who is due in July does not yet know if the baby will be a boy or girl. I figured I would scout out the yarn possibilities and be ready when the gender became known. Good plan right? Silly me.
The Rowan used for the sample as was a) cotton and b) calling for a really tiny (by my standards) hook. I wanted to get a gander at it. See what colors were available or what other yarn options I might have. Oh, wait, I should show you the sweater. Here it is:Isn't this the cutest? I love the flower motifs across the bottom that provide a little challenge and visual interest. The rest of the stitching looks really straight forward...double crochet with some eyelets. I'm probably going to replace the tie with a girly button. Why?
Yup. I'm doing it in blue (my other choice was a green, but I didn't like the shade). I'm thinking the sweater is so sweet and obviously feminine that no one seeing a baby in this would mistake her for a boy. But, just to drive the point home, I'll look for a cute girly button (or two or three) for closure.
It was a scouting mission. Just to check out the yarn possibilities. So, why did I buy? Yarn price $6.99 on sale for $4.00 a skein. That's about 43% off the original price. A baby gift for $12.00? SOLD! Now, the only question is will this be for my co-worker or some future little cutie?
Lastly, here's another swatch. Being on vacation has given me some time to play around with stitch patterns - as you may have noticed. I love the pattern, but not with this yarn (STR Harvest Moon). It doesn't do the pattern or the yarn justice.

I can see this in a solid or semi-solid looking stunning.

Next Up:

The perfect pattern for the STR that is already 18 inches or so into becoming a scarf!


Caroline said...

Love, love that sweater! Are you starting on it right away?

Gina House said...

That Harvest Moon colorway is soo nice! Don't usually go for those colors, but they look stunning in that stitch : )