Sunday, February 03, 2008

I May Be Crazy

but I cannot help myself!

A while back I fell in love with this:

It is appropriately named "Breathtaking" There are so many colors and gradations! Each color exists in a bright which fades into a softer shade: orange, yellow, pink, purple, blue/grey, and black.

The problem was I had no idea what I would ever do with it. I loved it so much that the image from the web site became the wallpaper on my computer while I decided what to do. I waffled. I hemmed and hawed. Eventually, I gave in. Then I discovered...all the skeins had been sold! WAAH! But, all was not lost; with some help from Gina I got a skein.

I've admired it for many months. And at long last it is on the hook:

Yes, this is the crazy part. This shawl is what I am making with the yarn. (pics to follow) It is a festival of colors. It is bold. I'm not sure I have the courage to wear it! Yet, I am going to persevere as I'll only know if it is a go when it is done and I can play with wearing it. In the mean time I'll enjoy the process and hope.

Yup, definitely crazy.


yarnophiliac said...

Don't tease us! Show progress pics!
ps...hugs for you and Harold!

Gina House said...

OMG, Gigi! I'm DYING to see that yarn in that shawl! I know you can pull it off. With your hair and personality, that shawl will be the icing on the cake!

a friend to knit with said...

gigi, that shawl is beautiful.
and i too look forward to seeing it out of that yarn.
have fun! :)