Saturday, February 09, 2008


Shawl update #1:

I'm out of yarn. This was not unexpected, but I had hoped that it would be big enough to be useable just over the shoulders. Now the dilemma. The shawl is big enough that I can tell the proportions do work for me; so it would be worth trying to get a yarn to extend the shawl. That and now that it is so much bigger, I now know I would actually wear it as bright as it is.
So, since this yarn is over a year old and a hand dye, there is no chance of getting another skein that will match. However, do you think if I asked Amy, and sent her the shawl, that she might be able to make a coordinating solid? I considered black and scrapped that idea right away as too severe... Should I just let it go? Any ideas folks?

Shawl update #2:
New shawl! I purchased this incredible yarn in November from Sereknity. No sooner had it been posted to Etsy than I grabbed it. One of those gotta have situations. I learned my lesson with the breathtaking. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Just BUY IT before it is gone.

It has been staring at me from the stash. Now that I made the first shawl it seemed a perfect match ...


YawnOver said...

The shawl looks great! Hmmm... more of the same yarn would definitely be best, but I actually think black would look really good. Could you join some black and just do a few rows to see? Good luck with it, whatever you decide.

Gina House said...

I think you should ask might be possible to closely match the yarn. I think it looks very wild and wonderful on you!