Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feline Fancy

First, an apology. I was going to tell you the LYS story, but the pictures I took seem to be missing. I'll take some more and get back to you next post...

Those of you who have read for a while know that I make blankets for the Snuggles Project. Whenever the mood strikes, there is an appreciable amount of yarn left over from a project, or I have an orphan skein there is likely to be a snuggle created.

This one was inspired by a skein of Moda Dea Fashionista in Berry Red that I received at the Chain Link Conference held in Manchester, NH last summer. I have to say this stuff was wonderful to work with. Not too slippery with a nice feel and sheen. It is a good foil for the Salvation Army grey my sister snagged for dirt cheap a while back. The resulting blanket is nice and cooshy for some little animal to curl up on while it awaits adoption.

It turns out I had a bit of yarn left over. Not one to waste it, I plied my hook and turned the left overs into cat toys for the ones that live in my home.

This was good timing as the old one's really need to be circular filed. They can only hold up to kitty claws for just so long before they have been loved to an unrecognizable frayed blob!

Peneenah lost no time in checking out the red one.

Not long after I snapped this picture, she pulled so hard that I lost hold of the end. Needless to say she took advantage of my slip up and bolted for the bedroom with her prize. She was having a grand time in the next room if the sounds of running and rolling around are any indication.

After about ten minutes I noticed it had gotten quiet. Glancing up I found Peneenah returning the toy to me. She set it down right next to my hand on the couch, looked up expectantly, then plaintively meowed until I picked up the toy to play. She has no trouble communicating her desires, does she?Last bit for today is another swatch of that scarf pattern. I like how the colors played in the groupings, but this worsted yarn resulted in too stiff a fabric. If I go up in hook size the holes between the clusters get too big to be asthetically pleasing. So, I will be making a call to the yarn store where I bought the pattern today to find out what yarn the sample was worked in. I may have to cave and buy some as I don't seem to have much in the way of DK in my stash!

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