Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Swatches 2, New Projects 0

I realize I said I wouldn't work on the DROPS scarf until the shawl was done. Sorry, I couldn't resist trying the pattern to see what it looked like in real life. The pattern picture was so small it was hard to see.So here it is. The pattern was easy once I took the Danish which had been translated into English with British crochet terms and converted that to American terms. Thank goodness for diagrams! Anyway, do I like the pattern? Yes. Do I love it? Not so much. I was hoping it would have a lacier look. Of course you realize that I am now on a search for a wonderful lace pattern... (But, I'll work on the shawl in the mean time. I've already started skein #2.)

Swatch #2 - This simple scarf pattern called for DK weight yarn. I tried it in fingering and discovered it really needs the heft of the heavier yarn to make the pattern stand out. I'll be stash diving later today to see what I might have on hand that is wool.

This swatch did not go gently to the frog pond. I pulled out the yarn winder so that I would have a nice neat cake when I put the yarn back into the stash. Merrily I wound the yarn running it through my fingers to put some tension on it. No prob. Watching TV and cranking away. No problem that is until POP went the cake. Yes, folks it popped right off the winder and flew across the living room! I was laughing so hard I couldn't get up at first to save it from the cats who came running to participate in this new game of yarn toss. Rest assured the yarn was rescued from its potential relegation to cat toydome. The yarn now safely rests in the stash once again. =-D

Next up:

I thought I could go into my LYS and come away empty handed. What was I thinking?!


Anonymous said...

Now you have me laughing - thought you could go to your LYS and come away empty handed - hahahahahahhaha!

Caroline said...

There should be a prize for the person who can go to their LYS and leave empty handed...maybe free yarn?