Thursday, February 07, 2008

WIP Pics

O.K. So, the pics are not the best, but you will get the idea. First up, the "Am I Crazy?" Shawl.A little closer...Believe it or not the contrast between the colors is more significant than in these pictures!Here's the baby blanket I started. It is a bit stalled due to how many times I messed up the center stitch which I am supposed to restart here. Also, I got a bit distracted by the shawl above!
And last, but not least the cashmere scarf that was so perfect for the pattern it didn't even need to be blocked!

And for good measure...
The Recipe For Gigi

3 parts Love
2 parts Cleverness
1 part Playfulness

Splash of Slyness

Finish off with an olive


Caroline said...

I can't WAIT to see that shawl in person! And how cool that you are doing "Precious in Pink" now. I almost didn't recognise it; I'm so used to seeing it laid out in my lap.

Laurin said...
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Laurin said...

hey lady - I almost forget what you look like! Post a pic of YOU in one of these gorgeous FOs so that we can remember your sweet face!

Gina House said...

Love that baby blanket...such a nice color...and that's so vibrant!