Saturday, February 16, 2008

Progress and Decisions

The shawl in Sereknity's Mums yarn continues to grow and I'm loving it more and more the bigger it gets. (Sorry the pic isn't very stylish. I'm at the library and trying to keep the reference librarian from noticing I'm taking pictures...she might not like it!) Unfortunately, for the shawl I am being taunted and tempted by new projects! For example, I found this one while blog reading:

I love the look of the lace. It is a bit heavy looking as pictured, but in a thinner yarn I think it would be absolutely delicious! I've resolved that I will not work on this one until the shawl is done as they will likely be in the same weight yarn. If I am going to have more than one project on the go at a time, I like there to be some variety. That way I can switch off and not feel like I'm still doing the same project, but just in a different color yarn!

Then I found out this week that one of the girls at work is pregnant and due in July. I cannot decide what to make because I recently found a few temptations! Here's the first:

The baby blanket shown here is very clever. The lead edge is a series of granny squares that look like flowers. You then pick up the edge stitches and do a standard ripple using an ombre so that it looks like you changed colors in the body when you did not. After making the squares it seems like it would go very quickly. I made this co-worker a blanket for her first baby about a year and a half ago. So, I may make this blanket OR I might pick something from here:

The sweaters in this book are just wonderful! The construction is a step up from ones I've made in the past, but they use an all over stitch pattern for the most part. Many of the designs will work for a boy or a girl by just changing the color. Of course there are a few too-cute-for-words sweaters for girls only. The one I most want to make is short sleeved, cotton, and has flower lace along the bottom edge. Perfect for a July baby if it is a girl or what? On that topic, I'm waiting to hear. We'll know in the next few weeks. That will leave me plenty of time to make either... (or both?)

Lastly, if you are wondering about the Pretty in Pink baby blanket I started a while back, it is history. I couldn't bear to frog it and am pleased as punch that Caroline is willing to take it off my hands and finish it. I think it will be blanket number seven for her. When that woman finds a pattern she likes, there is no stopping her! Thanks Caroline! May the blankie find a good home when it is done.

One last note to wish you a Happy President's Day Weekend. Enjoy and happy stitching!


Anonymous said...

The "Mums" shawl is looking great!
The baby blanket with the g-square edging looks very interesting - I'm intrigued.

Kathleen C. said...

"No stopping her"
You're telling me! I grew up with her!
Actually I envy Caroline's ability to focus. Our Mom has that too.
Not me. Oh I'll finish projects... usually. But if I lose interest they'll just languish away...

Hey, maybe I should give them to Caroline! ;^)