Saturday, March 01, 2008

Crochet ADHD

WARNING - Long, picture heavy post ahead!
I swear I am suffering from crochet ADHD. How many completed projects do I have since my last post? Zero. How many more have I begun to stitch? Well, take a look...
First, was this experiment with some yarn I forgot was in my stash. The project it began as was frogged ages ago leaving this soft Caron yarn to languish. This chain flower pattern comes from the Join-As-You-Go book by Bobbie Matela that I picked up after making my first large afghan from squares. I figured that learning to join as I went would be a boon. This pattern, however, didn't meet my needs as there would be many ends and didn't work up as fast as I hoped. I'm not sure what to do with these four little joined flowers... any ideas?

Next, I turned to this afghan from the same book. Nice big squares. I loved how it looked with the first three rounds. However, it lost its sweetness and that nice soft edge when it reached round four. Frogged.

Now, this one I'm keeping. This is a shawl pattern from Melissa Leapman in the Afghans for All Seasons book that is also the source of the Pretty in Pink baby blanket. I am making it the size of a snuggle for the Snuggles Project by starting with 74 chains instead of over 250. It is about 15 inches across so I'll be making a rectangle instead of a square and adding some border. I considered frogging and restarting, but think I've done enough frogging lately!

Not pictured is a granny square snuggle I started in the darker Caron yarn which is staring at me from the coffee table.

So, what's that so far? Oh, yes, five projects.

Then there is the scarf I mentioned made from the Socks That Rock Harvest Moon yarn. That's six.
And a close up:

This offset fillet crochet stitch is just perfect with this yarn. It almost looks like feathers traveling in opposite directions. It is light and airy, but not so much so that it could not be wrapped for warmth. If my math skills do not deceive me, it will be about 6 1/2 feet long before blocking.

To these six projects, we add the wips which are many. Why is it that I cannot seem to keep my attention on just one project? Am I searching for something? Am I just destractible? What's the deal? I think I'll try to finish one of the snuggles and see if I can break this bad habit I seem to have developed. I can claim to have finished one thing, though.


SIX - 20 quart plastic containers

(One of cotton, one of fine fibers like alpaca, one of wool/wool blends, one of handpaints and finer stuff, one of acrylic baby yarns, and one of a variety of acrylics)

PLUS - This shelf

PLUS - (in the spirit of FULL disclosure)

These in the living room

All of the stash is now neatly packaged and sorted. Now I know why I was moved to work out of my stash so much lately. It is threatening to take over! How's your stash doing?


Erica said...

How's my stash? Large enough that I can get laid off and not worry that I'll run out of yarn any time soon. Thanks for the good thoughts, lady! I'll let the world know what's happening with my life as I figure it out. Should be quite an adventure!

Anonymous said...

My stash? I keep telling myself that I'm going to organize it and get it all on Ravelry but I keep putting it off. I think I might be afraid to see just exactly how much there is!

crafty things said...

Your stash looks suitably contained. Mine is hiding nicely. If I look at it all I might get too much of a shock!