Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Buried in WIPs

So, that cleaning I mentioned earlier...

Part of the reason for it was to prioritize my WIPs. I knew I had quite a few. So many in fact I was feeling a little immobilized. I discovered long ago my tolerance level is for a maximum of 4 WIPs at any give time. Want to know how many I have left after a bit of frogging?


Yes, that's right, t-w-e-l-v-e. No wonder I'm feeling buried! LOL

  1. Perfect Spring Shawl
  2. Sweet Lorraine Lace Scarf
  3. A baby sweater I found which, I think, only needs to be sewn together. (A little research should help me rediscover the pattern...)
  4. Olde Peddlar Shawl
  5. The third One Row Lace Scarf
  6. Lacy & Lovely Crocheted Scarf
  7. Hexagon Baby Sweater
  8. A baby blanket made from Chris Simon's Star Overlay Squares
  9. Country Cotton Shawl
  10. Wild Waves Scarf
  11. Hooded Baby Jacket
  12. Celeste Shawl

This does not count the Traveling Scarf, the Year-in-a-Blanket squares, or the random blanket squares I'm making as the mood strikes! I had no idea there were so many. EEK.

What's a girl to do? Place a bunch of these in time out and work through it all a bit at a time. So, to pull out four I'll work on:

1) Lacy & Lovely Crocheted Scarf - This is a fairly quick pattern and the gift for my ISE7 pal. It has a deadline which is coming up soon, so it goes first.

2) Hexagon Baby Sweater - I've done most of the work on this one. If it washes well it will be a gift to a co-worker who is due in April. Again - a deadline.

3) A baby blanket made from Chris Simon's Star Overlay Squares - I'm not certain if this will be the gift or not, but another co-worker is due in June. I'm going to make a few more squares then decide if I will put this one to bed and choose a different pattern, or keep plugging away at this one. Yes, another deadline.

4) Sweet Lorraine Lace Scarf - This one I promised to Gina! Must finish...

What is in the on deck circle?

The third One Row Lace Scarf. Yes, folks - something for ME!

I'm off to pack up the WIPs that are being put aside. If they are out of sight, it will reduce my desire to work on them NOW. =-)

Am I alone in this? Is anyone else feeling buried in projects?


Cathy-Cate said...

Hi, Gigi! I am positive I have you beat in the UFO/WIP dept, but I decline to count at the moment on the grounds that I might incriminate myself!

I popped by partly to tell you that I knit up the lovely Malabrigo yarn you had sent me as an ISE thank you, all those months ago, into a very nice Amanda hat! I gave it to my mother (she has sensitive skin and can't tolerate a lot of wool but I had hopes she could do fine with the lovely Malabrigo). She wore it this morning in the subzero temps, and no problems -- she likes it a lot! So hooray!

Thanks again, so much, for those gifts and the lovely shawl! :-)
(Hither and Yarn)

anna said...

Oh my, this is so funny! I just had the same realization and completely cleaned out my Ravelry list of projects "In Progress" and limited it to FOUR ONLY. I think I had around 12 as well. (I'm not counting the year-in-a-blanket squares, because they double as dishcloths in my case.)

So funny. Good luck keeping your queue down as well!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I like your crochet site, added to mine.... at the moment I am just starting all over again...finished up a few WIP....on to a new list of things..

Sandy said...

Holly cow...that's a bundle for sure. I think most of us have multiple projects going at one time; but don't think I've ever had that many?

Gotta think, working on a scarf right now, as I blog. lol
Got 3 ghans going, need to make more squares for Warming up America and get those delivered, just finished a pair of mitts last guess I'm doing pretty good on the wip's.

Hang in there, work on the easiest, smallest one first so you can get one done. You'll feel better if you can tick them off like that.

I started the hexagon sweater, but had some issues with it, going ok for you?

Have a good week

Gina House said...

Believe me, you are NOT alone. I've got so many WIPs that I'm thinking of frogging some just so I don't have so much pressure on me to finish them! UGH!

12 isn't bad, comparatively. Really.

Anonymous said...

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Zu said...

Wow!! I thought I was bad. You have me beat by a mile!! lol