Sunday, February 08, 2009

Who Could Resist?

Turns out, resistance was futile! I went to the Superbowl Sale last weekend at my local yarn store. Twenty-Five percent off yarn? Well, I needed some more white Cascade 220 Superwash for the Year-in-a-Blanket. Therefore, I needed to go, right? Support me on this. Everyone say it together: RIGHT.

I was doing really, really well. Browsing patterns, chatting, fondling yarn, and only the two skeins I came for in my basket. (You can see what is coming...)

Manos. Silk blend. Purples with a hint of pink and blue. Exactly the yarn to make this pattern which has been haunting me since I first saw it on the cover of Interweave Crochet:

I even had some silk blend at home in a deep deep purple that matches it to make a great border! It had to be done. Right? When was I going to get a deal like this again?

What can I say, resistance was futile... And I'm thrilled! =-)

In other news...
Remember that plan I made for 4 WIPs? Hmmmm, nice plan, but plans are mailable.

1) Lacy & Lovely Crocheted Scarf: almost done. Just needs fringe.

2) Hexagon Baby Sweater: now an UFO. The yarn is too scratchy, and I'm not thrilled enough with the look to give it away as a gift. It will be repurposed... Besides the first baby is a girl.

2a) New plan? Make this! But leave off the hood. Here's the progress.
3) A baby blanket made from Chris Simon's Star Overlay Squares: Changed my mind. I'm making another sweater. Pattern is in the car because I hope to get the yarn today. Details to follow.

4) Sweet Lorraine Lace Scarf: had grown to over 5 feet long! I love this pattern! =-)

5) The Wild Waves Scarf has seen some action as well. Since it is small, it has become my purse project. People's eyes always pop when I pull it out. This yarn is by the lovely Heather of Sereknity (Wild Side) and it gets raves each time! The colors are much brighter and more intense than in the picture...
Note: Her lovely yarn can also be found at the Loopy Ewe!
I guess that's it for the update. Progress is good!


Zu said...

Oooh pretty yarn! I agree, how could you not have taken up that opportunity?!
The new plan for the baby sweater looks great so far. I really like that pattern, and have added it to my queue on ravelry. :-)

Zu said...

Hi again, check out my blog, there's an award for you. :-)

Unknown said...


That wrap is going to georgous in that purple.

Love the baby sweaters. :)

Enid said...

of course you were RIGHT to buy at that discount.!!!!! would have been very wrong to let others have the benefit. I agree with Zu about prettiness of yarn. can see finished result in my mind's eye