Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bat, Bat, Bat

Meet Boo, the newest member of my household!Isn't he sweet?
A little while ago, I spotted this cutie designed by Mochimochi and sent a link to my sister. She thought it was adorable.
Sis: That's so cute. I might have to make one of those.
Me: Well, if you do I want one!
Sis: Hmmm, I'll split the pattern with you.
Me: Check the attachment - I've sent you the pattern. =-)
Far be it for me to rest on my laurels and let her change her mind! It ended up that I purchased the pattern while she bought the supplies and provided the labor.
However, the discussion did not end there! Colors had to be picked. That devolved into a mad session of namestorming. Well, look below and you'll see what I mean.
Black and white: Zebrbat, Zebat, Zebat (French) or Batxedo
Pink and Sparkly: Baterina
Pink and white: Pepmintbat
Pink and green: Preppybat
Green and Brown: Ecobat
Black and Blue: Bruisebat
Black and Yellow: Bumblebat
Green and White for St. Patrick's Day: Batrechaun
Blue and white: Channubat
Green and red: Chrismabat
Red, white and blue: Patriotibat or Soxbat
Join the naming fun!
What colors and name would you give your bat?


pigbook1 said...

light brown - Baseball bat :-)

Lapdog Creations said...

OMG - how cute!!!!!!! I think there needs to be a Bailey Bat.

Jackie said...

he is so cute!

All red = Bat-on Rouge.

KnitOwl said...

Bat-on Rouge LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

He is cute! Bummer that he is knitted. :(

I'd pick dark red body with very dark grey wings, and I have no idea for a name. Infrared? LOL

I like the Baseball Bat and Bat-on Rouge. LOL