Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yarnie Things

My mother's hat was quickly followed by this one, but I forgot to blog it!

The yarn had been sitting in the stash for a while and was an attempt on my part to branch out in the colors scheme a bit. The base is blues and purples but it adds browns and golds. After working it up, I feel fairly certain it is not me in shape or color. Still, it is pretty... =-) I did some tinkering with the pattern to make it more slouchy, which worked (see my Ravelry page for details - or pm me.)

Then there is this:
Last October when I made the "I've Got Spirit" scarf, there was quite a bit of left over yarn. So, I started a simple granny square snuggle. I have no idea why I set it aside, but I rediscovered and finished it today!
As to why I discovered it? Well, today is a snow day off from school. I had promised myself that the next decent block of time I had would be dedicated to gathering up and sorting my crochet stuff. So I've been frogging, winding, putting away hooks/notions, and sorting/prioritizing WIPs. Such a relief! I may have to do a WIP post soon to encourage myself to get some of this stuff finished. (Of course I hardly have to mention that there are about 15 projects in my head that I want to make... don't we all?)
Be safe and warm!

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Anonymous said...

Only 15?

Now that you've sorted your stuff, how about you come on over and sort mine?