Monday, January 19, 2009

Mom's New Chapeau

How can one resist an exchange like this?

Lynn Marie: Haha! Horray! :o) The pattern is Pretty Puffs Slouchy Hat. Wicked quick, wicked easy and loads of fun. I started at the beginning of Ever After and finished it about 30 minutes before it ended. Gotta love crochet.

ME: Thanks for the pattern! The hat is so cute that I may have to make one for myself. =-)

Lynn Marie: Oh, you’re welcome! I love it so much I think I’ve made about 5 already. Haha. It’s wicked addicting.

Mom: Make mine black……………….tee heeeeeeeeee!

No, please. No, could you/would you. She knows me well. When mom actually asks for something outright, I'm going to make one for her. See?

The balloon was pressed into service as a model because mom asked for a change after I surprised her with the hat at a baby shower. You see, Lynn Marie had added a ruffled edging. Mom wanted it. Luckily, my sister was sporting one of the hats Lynn Marie had made! I swiped it, analyzed the edging and voila!

Oh, and as for the baby whose shower we were attending, she got this:

The pattern = Snuggle Up by Terry Kimbrough. Deets later!


Jackie said...

That blanket is oh so adorable!

Gina House said...

The hat is very nice! And I LOVE LOVE that blanket! What a pretty and interesting stitch pattern ; )