Sunday, January 18, 2009

Moving Em' Along

Do you ever have the experience of making something for yourself only to find out you made it for someone else? I don't mean the "Oooooooo isn't that pretty can I have it?" reaction that we sometimes get when others see our hand work. Followed by the, "Will you make me one?" question that we are often happy to oblige.

I mean when you finish something and it is great. You really like it. Then you let a friend/family member try it on and they look FANTASTIC in it? Even better than when you tried it on? I'm convinced this is because it was never for you in the first place. You was really making it for that person all along. It just happens too frequently to be an accident. And it delights me to make my pals so happy by handing over the article (and making myself a new one).

Case in point:
I decided to try making a cowl for the first time yesterday and went stash diving for the right yarn. I've had this beautiful yarn since (oh my) September of 2006 when its siren song called to me. I just never found the right stitch pattern to show it off. This, however, seemed perfect.

It was warmly snuggled around my neck when I went to have dinner with friends. Not 5 minutes later, I no longer owned it. And this time? It isn't even staying with my friend Gail. She is going to give it to one of her friends because I promised to make her another one! LOL She's paid me for the yarn and then bought me dinner. Good deal all around.

By the time I'm done, there will be three of these. One for the friend, one for Gail, and then finally one more for me. And in case you are wondering... I am planning to keep that one!


Jackie said...

You're such a good friend!

KnitOwl said...

Mmmm...cowls. I like cowls.

Another good reason to learn some crochet. Faster production = more opportunity for generosity.