Thursday, July 13, 2006

With a Nod to Numeroff

Ala Numeroff…a little crochet story.

IF a crocheter should make a scarf for the “Think Pink” project, THEN she will have yarn left over.

IF she has yarn left over, THEN of course she will have to search the internet for another scarf pattern.

IF she searches the internet, THEN she will get very excited when finding a pattern that includes a cable! This is something she has wanted to try.

IF she is excited about the pattern, THEN she will, of course, immediately begin to crochet.

IF she crochets, THEN she will notice that the scarf is quite wide (8 ¾ inches to be exact). She will choose to ignore this excessive width in favor of trying out the new pattern.

IF she keeps going, THEN eventually she will notice she is running out of yarn and have to make a decision: purchase more yarn or rippit, rippit.

IF she takes a visit to the frog pond, THEN being an adventurous crocheter, she will feel compelled to revise the pattern and try again.

IF she tries again, THEN the scarf will be lovely and require far less yarn than the first try.

IF the second scarf for the "Think Pink" project takes less yarn, THEN she will have yarn left over... (grin)

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