Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Solution (and other stuff)

I bet your asking, "What was the problem?" Well, as those who have been reading know I made two scarves for the "Think Pink" project to promote breast cancer awareness and had yarn left over. I knew the third scarf would need to be narrow and open weave if there was to be enough yarn. Here's the problem: such a scarf would need fringe to make it hang straight and I'm afraid the scarf won't be long enough to wear if it has fringe. Enter the solution: make a mobeus scarf! One continuous piece with a single twist. This would:
1) take advantage of the fact that this pattern had a tendency to twist a little at the ends before the fringe was added
2) I could keep crocheting until I ran out of yarn (thrifty, no?)

Here it is with the lovely, Barney, modeling the scarf in its twisted around the neck state.

I'm amazed that a 7oz skein of yarn could yield three scarves. To the wash with them and then off in the mail. Another charity project complete.

These are the first six caps for the "Save the Children" project I talked about in the last post. I got a killer deal at Building 19 where the cotton used to make the three hats on the left was on sale 3/$1.00. The hats on the right represent using up some of the acrylic left over from another project (black) and a skein of lime green that came from the Salvation Army (do I get bonus points for supporting two charities at once? grin) No surprise, these hats work up quickly and are fun to play with color wise. Happy Hooking!

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Unknown said...

I absolutely love the scarf! What a great idea for left over yarn. I'm going to have to give it a try.