Saturday, July 22, 2006

Do I look like a shelter animal?

I must since I'm using a pattern from the "Snuggles Project" to create a scarf for myself. Yes, this one is for me, me, me. It feels odd working on winter wear in the summer, however, I have to agree with those that say scarves, hats and mittens make great small projects for the HOT weather. Case in point:

The background is my rather drab colored winter coat. This scarf crocheted from Lorna's Laces hand-dyed yarns in Shepherd Sport superwash wool, color "watercolor". It is wonderfully soft and being a sport weight is draping well. Happiness is...

Weekly I meet in a local book store with a WONDERFUL and wacky group of ladies and gents who knit and crochet. Upon arrival this week we were delighted to discover a clearance sale that included craft books. Yes, the sticker says 75% off. Now I ask you, could you have resisted?

We laughed and laughed over this book with its inventive hats for tots. Some of my favorites: an ice cream cone brim with vanilla soft serve and a cherry pompom, clown hat, elf, lion, and if you can believe it (although I'd NEVER subject a child to this one), a pink poodle hat complete with curly ears! These designs are creative and adorable! Now all I need to decide is where to start!

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