Thursday, July 06, 2006

A New Group

Last night in an effort to find others who crochet and knit I went to Barnes and Noble. There I found a wonderful group of knitters who are just a hoot to be around. They absolutely LOVE good quality fiber (just listening was fascinating) and welcome newbies with open arms. Yahoo talk groups are a great resource for finding others in your area who share a passion for crochet/knitting. I'm eternally grateful to the co-worker who insisted I look there to connect with others who crochet. Thanks Ellen!

The pi shawl 2 has grown back to its pre-frogged size and is holding its shape much better. Sitting around in BnN last night resulted in much progress. See...

I know an inch and a half doesn't seem like much but when working with a 4mm hook and fine yarn this is the equivalent of many rows! :-D

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