Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Many a conversation with my fellow crocheters has revolved around Works in Progress. I wondered just how many projects a single crocheter or knitter could have going at once before losing his or her mind. Today I discovered that my limit is FOUR. Taking stock this morning I realized that on the hook I had: two lapghans, a scarf, a baby hat, and the pi shawl. YIKES!

Overload... So, I sat down and finished the scarf because it was closest to being complete and then made the firm decision (one I'd been waffling on) to frog one of the lapghans. Why? Well, I was creating my own pattern and discovered the stitch combination, although beautiful, was hell on even tension. I haven't given up yet, however, will put it on the back burner for now.

Then, of course, in true crocheter fashion, I started a new project! This is the yarn: Patons Grace 100% Mercerized Cotton in Lavender. With any luck this will in short order become the travel bag.

WIP Count: Travel Bag, Pi Shawl, Baby Hat, and Lapghan...FOUR!

Now I just have to commit to starting NOTHING ELSE until at least one of these is done! :-D (Any bets...?)

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Anonymous said...

Heh, just some point, it'll seem rational to have 5 socks, a shawl, a sweater, and a tank top going at once. Or maybe that's just me.