Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Making Room

So a few of you wanted to know what the yarn was that I plucked from the stash the baby blanket. It is the white Caron Simply Soft that I bought to make my mother a shawl. That was a little over a year ago! If you clicked on all the links you know I eventually gave up and lucked into the perfect pattern a month later.

Want a progress pic on the baby blanket? I'd love to show you one, however, after two days of trying to get Blogger to upload it...I give up! When it cooperates, I promise you'll see. =-D It is looking good. The center and one round of the border are complete. Just cross your fingers for me. I'm doubtful I'll have enough yarn to complete all 7 rounds of the border. I'm hoping that when I run out I'll like the way the edging looks!

Monday, the giving tree went up at school. So, now I have plans for two more skeins of Caron Simply soft in Iris and Grey Heather (scroll down they are side by side) to go with the requested present. I'm envisioning a vertically striped scarf with corkscrew fringe in the same color as each stripe. We'll see if it works...

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Gina House said...

OOh, I love the idea of the stripes going with the corkscrew fringe! Can't wait to see the pics!