Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Challenge

So I rarely talk about anything but yarn on this blog, however, today is the exception. I set my students the task of finding an "item" that related to discrimination or prejudice as part of our unit on To Kill a Mockingbird. Today, they made their first presentations . You know what? I've now heard a rap style song I can get behind (she used the third verse):

Not only is it a powerful message, it uses "Clair de Lune" as a background. This brings back memories of my sister sitting at our piano. I actually taught myself to play a very small portion of this piece from my sister's sheet music when I got older because I loved listening to her play it!

And speaking of my sis, she surprised me last week. In the mail was a package which after squeezing it I thought contained yarn. Well, only sort of...see?

So soft and cuddly! It's made from Lion Brand's Landscapes yarn in Country Sunset. Such a lovely surprise that matches the new winter coat! (Yup, it is the right blue.)


yarnslinger said...

Thanks for sharing the video - so nice to see such a positive message being delivered in a medium the kids relate to! Great scarf and just in time for new coat weather too...hope you are feeling better!

YawnOver said...

I just finished a unit on race and ethnicity with my college students, so I've been thinking a lot about the issues too. What a great video.

Anonymous said...

The video is fantastic. But that's Fur Elise, isn't it? I have a 50 note music box that plays the entire song. It's my favorite. I collected music boxes that played that song until I found that one. It's kind of a show stopper.

Gina House said...

Really nice scarf, Gaye! I like the video, too. How're you feeling?

Caroline said...

What a great video and song. The back music, whichever song it may be, is very compelling with the rap. I think I will have it in my head for a while.