Saturday, July 31, 2010

Double Delight

I finished the Foolproof Baby Hat and then went right on to an invented pattern of simple garter stitch alternated in stripes with stockinette. I am delighted with both hats! The first is so softly stretchy it will fit a variety of heads and as a friend pointed out be wearable for quite a while as the baby grows. The second has nice stretch, although not as much as the first. I feel so accomplished! I knit not one, but two hats.

I'm finding that knit is so different in movement and rhythm from crochet that they will be nice counterpoints to each other. Need a break from that crochet project, knit...and vice versa. So much fun.

In fact I am going to make a shawl/scarf that I loved from the moment I saw it. I attempted a crochet version, but with my new found/renewed skill it is now a MUST! (Um, I may have started it as soon as I finished the second hat. Of course I had to look up how to do a yarn over and knit through the back loop first...)

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Anonymous said...

Great job on the hats! You are going to love having both knitting and crocheting skills - opens up a whole new world for you :-)