Sunday, August 08, 2010

10 Shawls Progress

I'm behind in my original plan to do one shawl a month until I hit the ten shawl goal, but a little catch up it always good, right?

Seraphina - The shawl that is so much fun to make, stays on the shoulders so well, and handles multicolored yarn so beautifully. I forgot how much I like this pattern. Thanks Mary for selecting it for your hand spun!

Flying Diamonds Shawl - Such a lovely and intuitive pattern. There are fewer repeats to the pattern than you might think. One friend commented at first glance that this looked knitted! From her that is a compliment. =-) Both still need to be blocked. I hope to get it done this week in and around my second graduate class of the summer. Now that I have a new couch and the living room is arranged for a while, it leaves a space open for the blocking. (BTW I am loving the new couch. It is so nice to lay on cushions instead of rug covered cement...)

The knitting continues, although it is bothering my left elbow. I think it is the little finger movements of moving the stitches up for knitting. I'm taking it easy, but will keep going to build up those muscles...

The Baktus is coming along nicely. I had to frog the first attempt as the edge stitches were much too loose which impacted the gauge of the entire piece. A little experimentation with slipping that first stitch (thanks Donna!) and things are progressing nicely. It looks like I will have a knitted shawl in my 10 Shawls for 2010. Who would have thought? Not I!

Lastly, I picked up a dish cloth book yesterday at AC Moore because I liked the stitch patterns and thought they'd make nice baby hats. Started one. Frogged because it was not a good match to the yarn. Started a second, basket weave, which is coming along well. As for crochet, I'm back to working on a friend's afghan. Pics of these last pieces soon!

Happy Stitching Everyone!


dawnkristine said...

Great job, love these!

Spundun said...

What gorgeous shawls! How are you getting on with the project now?

Tanya said...

The seraphina is magnificent! Beautiful colour!

Heather said...

Wow, stunning, I've not tried making shawls.