Saturday, July 03, 2010

Spinning...Not just for cyclists

Yes, you've guessed it. I am a first time participant in the Tour de Fleece! What's it all about? Set a goal and try to reach it by spinning fiber into yarn on every day that the cyclists of the Tour de France are spinning their wheels across the countryside.

So, what is my goal?

Am I going to spin X ounces of fiber? Nope
Am I going to make X yards of yarn? Nope
Am I going to spin enough for X project? Nope

These all seem just too daunting. So, I'm making it simple. I want to spin more often, but seem to get side tracked by other things. Therefore, my simple goal is to spin for a minimum of 15 minutes daily on any WIP in my pile. Um, don't ask me how many there are...I'm not going to count. I really don't want to know. ;-)

Today, I reached my 15 minute goal. A few more days like this and the entire 4 ounces of undyed Shetland wool will be finished!
Good luck to all participants. May you reach your goals!

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