Thursday, July 01, 2010


Do you find there are some patterns you've worked with that just require an encore performance? Perhaps it is akin the "potato chip knitting" where you cannot make just one. It is a rare thing for me to want to make something more than once, but there it is. Three shawl patterns that just would not let go! Of course the first is the Mock Faroese by Lily Chin. The evidence:

Then there is My Blue Jean's Shawl using Elisa's variation which not only caught my fancy, but also that of my friends and family. Of course, I loved the pattern so much that I was happy to make some for them:
#1 I thought was for me, but turned out to be for Gina

#2 This was meant for me, and I actually got to keep it!
#3 Went to my friend Gail

#4 Was a surprise for my Mom after she hinted rather heavily...

#5 A lighter blue for the spring and summer...for me

#6 Is a repeat of #2 for a swap partner. It went off to the midwest.
#7 Went to my sister after she wondered aloud when she would get one of these shawls. I later learned she had been hinting at the same time our Mom was, but I had missed it! LOL

The last one was the result of a search for a summer shawl for my mother (first picutre). It is the Crocheted Cobweb Capelets and Shawls (AC-31) by Evelyn A. Clark which comes in four shapes. All of these were made with fingering weight Frog Tree Alpaca. It is a simple pattern which turns out airy, drapey, and warm. When a friend asked for shawls fitting this description for some relatives, how could I say no?

The red triangular one has inspired me to make one of these for myself some day. I love rounded ones, but they just don't look well on me. If figure I deserve one...
So, what patterns have you stitched that deserved an encore?

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