Sunday, October 12, 2008

Who's Got Spirit?


Do you remember Spirit Week? Did it occur at your school? It does at mine!

Each day next week has a theme. Students and teachers are encouraged to dress up to fit the scheme, and it can become quite entertaining. This year I actually remembered to plan ahead. I have a flower lei for Hawaiian Day, my BoSox cap for NE Sports Team Day, and a Tie Dyed bandanna to wear on Tie Dye day (yup, I keep it low key). But, I didn't really have a good combination of clothing for Red, White, and Blue day where everyone wears the school colors to show support for the sports teams.

Remember that pink scarf? Well, the scarf strikes again! This one is meant to be a bit silly and fun. It reminds me of something a cheer leader might wear. (Although, my sister says it looks more like an Olympian's ribbon - the ones that hold the medals.)
Three quick swipes of back loop single crochet with a flower off the end of two of the passes and voila! I got the idea for the flowers from the shawl on the front of IC this month. =-)
I have heard that after Spirit Week, the red, white, and blue Friday is going to continue. So, this will get a lot of use. This is the first project that I have purposely "killed" by steaming with a very hot iron which is hovered over the acrylic. It is really amazing how much softer/more flexible it becomes. Now, I won't squeak every time I move! LOL

Enjoy your long weekend if you have one!


Anonymous said...

Hi Gigi,

what??? - there is a tie-dye day?
Tell me about it because I will have to write about it on my tie-dye blog!


Anonymous said...

Spirit week sounds like fun! I've never been to one. Love the scarf, it's really cute. :-)

Unknown said...

That looks great!! Sounds like you are going to have a lot of fun that week. :)

She Knits Socks said...

This is the first time I have read your blog. I love the baby blankets you showed. I'm curious about the one with pineapples: What weight yarn/string do you crochet it out of? I love to crochet thread, but have never done a baby blanket like that.

Have fun during your spirit week.

Gina House said...

Such a great scarf! Usually, I steer clear of red, white and blue combos, but this is very cute. Nice job!