Thursday, October 23, 2008


Feeling shapely? I am today!

I wanted to do some simple motifs as a sort of "break" from big projects. It is also another part of my stash busting efforts. I want to move along most of my acrylic. Motifs like these allow for even small bits to be used.

So, here's my first attempt. I saw this really cool blanket (pattern) on Ravelry (link) and thought it would be fun. Here's the first triangle...

I really like the look. Making it, however, is not my idea of relaxing and fun. I'm not a huge fan of post stitches and did not realize at first that the entire thing is post stitches! Oops.

So I moved on by pulling out this book.

Let me stop for a moment and tell you of my love for this book. The motifs are clever and attractive. The projects help the reader see the possibilities created by linking motifs together. The instructions are clear and the pictures enticing. I love this book. I recommend it to anyone who wants to break out of the motif "box" and into other shapes!

I was hoping for a cute double crochet triangle without those post stitches. No luck. There was a great one in single crochet, but I'm not that patient. I want quick and gratifying! I did try to make one on my own. Nope. So, I thought, let's try a different shape. Page 96 yielded this beauty:In a mere five rounds (plus a single crochet edge to make joining easier) there sat a beautiful six inches of hexagon. And, bonus, the center looks like a flower. Yup, this one is a keeper!

Look out Caron Simply Soft stash yarn. Your days in the skein are numbered!


Elisa said...

Oh, I love post stitches; I'd rather do them than just about anything.

I bet you could do that triangle using half-double crochet rather than post stitches. HD would keep the stitch height the same, which would keep the overall size the same - and they would be easier to do.

Lace hearts said...

I love that book too - there's so many suggestions, and so many motifs.
Haha - just noticed that the word verification is 'liked'! How funny. I have liked reading your blog!