Sunday, October 05, 2008

In the Pink

When this arrived in my mail box I was immediately taken with Doris Chan's design for the Sweet Lorraine Lace Throw. I want it as a scarf. Badly.

Of course that means stash diving to find just the right yarn. While several presented themselves for consideration I suddenly realized the scarf had to be pink. Breast Cancer pink. Why? Well, one of the clubs at my school is doing a week of awareness and fund raising so they have asked everyone to wear pink. Pink every day. Do you know what color is not currently in my wardrobe? Yup. You guessed it. I don't feel like wearing a little piece of pink ribbon is enough for me. I want a bigger statement. I'll have one by Monday...

Excellent progress! I started Friday night and completed the second ball by the time I had polished off my cup of chai on Saturday.
There is nothing quite like traveling with your project and taking some quiet moments to crochet in public. Surpisingly not one person noticed the woman sitting in the window crocheting the bright pink scarf! I think maybe they were too focused on the door to the shop where yummy drinks, hand made chocolates, and Gelato can be found.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Off to attach the third and final ball of yarn to the scarf. Must block it tonight!


Anonymous said...

I do like this Blog, it is really nice.

YawnOver said...

The scarf looks great - it's *such* a pretty color. I'll have to check out that pattern.

Love your jungle cat pic also :)

Gina House said...

I may be drooling onto the keyboard from that pink scarf. YUM!