Sunday, October 05, 2008

Fingers Crossed

Twelve hours and counting until I need this to be dry and ready to wear. That fan will be running all night. I'm not taking any chances! Fingers crossed that I have not miscalculated on how long this light worsted will take to dry... Oh, and if you ever need someone to booby trap your kitchen, I'm your girl*. LOL

*Fan cord runs from counter across to the table while the ironing board extending the blocking space cuts you off from the other direction!


Amanda said...

it looks great! i hope it dries by morning!

Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful!!!
Here's hoping it's dry as I type this (6:40am).

Caroline said...

It's just beautiful! Did it dry in time?

Gina House said...

Gor-ge-ous!!! Oh, I love, love, love it!!!