Saturday, September 13, 2008


Hi Everyone!

Sorry to have been a bit absent these last weeks. School started. It seems to take about two weeks to get the mojo going again. I expend so much energy with the students getting them motivated and revved up for the new year, that I am exhausted when I get home. Unfortunately, this means I don't trust myself to work on the crochet without messing it up! LOL

I'm out the other side now and have picked the hook back up. I'll likely have a FO by the end of the weekend. Yipee! But, in the mean time I thought I'd share an experiment. Namely this one:

The idea of a two color spiral has fascinated me since the first time I saw it in an magazine. So, I finally decided to play around with it. The concept, once grasped, is fairly simple and it works up almost as quickly as single color work. The only problem? This:

Unless you are looking at the hat from the very crown, it simple looks like a striped hat! No real bang for my buck. If I wanted plain old stripes, I'd have done that. Disappointing. I'm glad to have tried it and it will continue to live in the back of my head waiting for the perfect project!

Since the spiral looked like horizontal stripes I wondered about making vertical ones and got this:

This I think is pretty snazzy. I expect if I start it at the crown it will make a wonderful swirl that resolves into these lovely straight stripes down the even part of the hat. When I have finished a few more of the UFOs, I'll give this one a go.

Playing with technique and pattern can be so much fun! Here's to those Adventures in Crochet! LOL


Anonymous said...

I love how the spirals turned out. I've also tried spirals recently and was a bit disappointed. They just look like stripes unless you're only looking at the beginning few rows.

Gina House said...

I love the red and the pink together...and I still think you should keep going with the "stripe/spiral" way. It's so cool....and will be a surprise for someone who happens to be taller than you or looking down at you while you're sitting!